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What is full digital marketing and why do you need it?

Do you need a comprehensive marketing plan? You can benefit from working with an agency that offers full-stack digital marketing services.

Oh, wait.. You are unfamiliar with the term full-stack digital marketing agency? Well, in this article we’ll find out what does this term means exactly and how can it help your business.

So, What is full-stack digital marketing?

Full-stack digital marketing is a form of marketing that gathers a wide range of marketing types rather than focusing on a single strategy.

The term full-stack marketing agency describes the marketers who are capable of wearing multiple hats rather than just mastering one segment of marketing. In other words, they have adequate practical knowledge of all areas of marketing to run marketing campaigns from end to end.

How will a Full-stack marketing agency benefit your business?

Let’s say you need to launch a social media campaign, you can rely on one agency for paid advertisement and another for social media content marketing. But then you’d have to keep up with two agencies that wouldn’t be in sync with one another, quite a headache, isn’t it?

Let’s see how a full-stack marketing agency will facilitate running and managing your marketing campaigns and what services does it include.

Full-stack marketing, what does it include?

There are six fundamental services that you can expect from this type of agency:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

When people search for terms related to the services or products that you offer, they’ll find your website and end up converting there. SEO is a type of marketing that focuses on getting your website rank higher in relevant Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

To boost your chances of gaining more authority in Google’s result pages, A full-stack marketing agency will follow various procedures, including:

  • Injecting keywords into your website’s written content
  • Generating backlinks from relevant websites
  • Optimizing images and media on your site
  • Setting a Google My Business profile to your company.
  • SSL certificate to secure your website, and more!

All together will satisfy Google’s algorithms and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Paid advertising:

Pay-per-click (PPC), or commonly known as paid ads, is a basic service that any full-stack agency will be offering. Paid ads work the same way as SEO marketing. People click on the links on the search result page and land on your site. It’s not organic, but it drives faster results.

When it comes to PPC, marketing agencies will help you with target keyword research. Then, the agency will assist you to develop a bidding strategy for your keywords.

Full-stack agencies should also help you optimize your landing page to ensure maximum conversions, consequently maximum revenue.

Social Media Marketing (SEM)

When it comes to the internet, social media is the most populated section. Therefore, it provides a great marketing opportunity. Taking that into account, most full-stack agencies offer social media marketing services to promote your brand.

A full-stack agency will handle:

  • Creating your social media pages
  • Creating and publishing organic content to your posts, from infographics to videos.
  • Launch paid ad campaigns on social media, which will appear in your exact target audience feeds. You can even select users based on age, location, and more.

4. Web design and development

Your business is the digital facade of your business, you will have to accommodate the victors on your website in an appealing. In other words, the design and user experience on your website has to give a positive impression about your business.

A full-stack digital marketing agency will certainly help you to optimize your overall design. Or even help you build your website from scratch, making sure it’s both fully functional and visually appealing.

Website optimization includes:

  • Making your site responsive to all devices and mobile friendly.
  • Boosting your page load speeds
  • Setting up an intuitive navigation board.
  • Branding the media on your website, and more!

5. Content marketing

Marking yourself on Google and drawing users to your site would be fruitless unless you have something to offer or showcase to visitors. it. When users land on your website, they should find meaningful content that is relevant to them. That will eventually reduce your bounce rate and increase conversions.

Full-stack marketing agencies packs include content marketing services, which involve publishing content, written or visual, on your site to draw organic traffic. Once you have your content online, you can use SEO to get a better ranking in Google so people can find it!

Are you interested in reaping the benefits of full-stack marketing? At Timelapse Agency we offer a wide range of digital marketing services that will help to impose your online presence and get a bigger part of the market. Get in touch now!


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