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The most relevant types of paid ads in 2021

Online ads offer multiple options through which you can select your target audience which makes them more efficient than traditional advertisement tools

What makes online ads a fantastic way to promote your brand is that they are everywhere. Internet users encounter ads on social media, search engines, mobile apps, etc.

However, sellers often get confused about which channel is the most economic and profitable for their business model.

In this article, we’ll break down the multiple online ads options available and what each option has to offer to bidders.

Google Search Ads:

76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Think With Google

Given that stat, it’s no surprise that Google search ads are one of the most used and efficient types of online ads.

Google Search ads appear in search result pages with organic results, and they are divided into two main categories: Text ads and carousel or gallery ads.

Text ads:

These are the most popular search ads. They show up at the top of the first Search Engine Result Page (SERP), and sometimes very bottom as well.

Given that stat, it’s no surprise that Google search ads are one of the most used and efficient types of online ads. Search ads show up in search results alongside organic results, and we can divide them into two main categories: Text ads and carousel or gallery ads.

As the name suggests, text ads consist of text: A title tag or headline, a URL, and a description.

Carousel or Gallery Ads

Another type of google search ads is carousel ads. Unlike text ads, they consist of a combination of text and images. Still, they appear at the very to of the first SERP

The fundamental difference between text and carousel ads is that the latter ads advertise a specific product with its image gallery on the first page. Another difference from text ads is that text ads have a vertical limit of 4ads at the top of a page, while carousel ads can appear horizontally in groups of roughly 20 boxes.

Social Media Ads:

Another major channel that you can bid on is social media. You can boost your posts’ reach in your target audience feed through social media sponsoring. Social

Below is a look at the information regarding how many people use social media platforms.

Social ChannelMonthly Active Users
Facebook2.27 billion users
Twitter326 million users
Instagram1 billion+ user
LinkedIn260 million users
Pinterest250+ million users
Snapchat255 million users
YouTube1.9 billion users
Reddit330+ million users
WhatsApp1.5 billion users
Flickr90+ million users
WeChat1.08 billion users
Weibo446 million users
Telegram200 million users
Viber260 million users
Messenger1.3 billion users

Your posts will usually look similar to organic posts but with the tag “sponsored” or “promoted” at the top. Unlike your regular content, they don’t appear in your audience’s feed organically. The more you pay, the wider reach and impressions you’ll get.

And just like google search ads, you can target specific demographics: age, locations, range of interest, etc, to ensure the conversion rate you opt for.

Mobile Ads:

Mobile ads refer to paid ads that appear in mobile apps or games. Advertisers can buy ad space on apps of their choice to reach their target audience.

Some games display paid ads within the game itself by plastering them on the sides like billboards. Most often, though, ads show up between game levels or when you first start an app, taking up the whole screen.

In any case, mobile advertisements are a dependable approach to contact people based on subjects or interests related to the applications they use – in fact, nearly nine out of ten smartphone users who characterize a mobile brand experience as useful say they would return to that brand again.

Youtube Ads:

According to Google, 68% of YouTube users watch YouTube videos to help them make a purchase decision. During the process, they may come across targeted ads that will attract them to potential vendors and suppliers.

For youtube advertisers, the video ad duration is a great factor; if your ad is 15 seconds long, consumers must sit through the entire thing. If your ad is 30 seconds or more, people can skip after the first 5 seconds.

Which online ads model is suitable for you?

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